PakiRecipes version 3.0 launched

After months of  hard work and sleepless (last few) nights I am proudly launching PakiRecipes’s version 3.0 The date was set as March 23rd 2011… 12:00 midnight Pakistan Standard Time which makes it 3:00 PM here in New York. This means I had to launch the site in the middle of work-day at my day-job. Plus… since […]


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PakiRecipes meets Permalinks

I implemented short-urls for categories and some other links back in 2009. Used Mod-Rewrite in .htaccess to redirect visitors based on category names. But I did not use it for content (recipes, videos, meals etc.) links due to its dynamic nature. Basically I didn’t spend enough time researching and reading up on this feature. Later […]

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Version 3.0 Launch date set

After year(s) of planning and months of working I am ready to unleash the new version of PakiRecipes. Launch date is set to be March 23rd, 2011 – 12:00 midnight Pakistan standard time. Pakistan Resolution day seems a perfect occasion to launch a Pakistan site. I am almost done anyways and the occasion is right around […]

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Added meals, specially for Ramadan

I added new feature on PakiRecipes names Meals. Recipes and Videos that goes together can be grouped in a meal.

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Frustrated with MySpace Music profile customizing

Pulling my hair out and frustrated with mySpace Music profile customizing. There is no proper documentation or support on the topic. All support and directions are about regular profile which works fine. Just sent a message to mySpace Support. Lets see what happens.

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